The lesson format combines both our Aural and Visual senses. Graham personally explains each step of each lesson together with music examples as well as sheet music to follow when needed. As a result, the learning is effective, fun and comprehensive and importantly helps develop your ‘Aural Acuity’. Learn at your own pace, replay them as many times as you consider necessary to assimilate the information.

The Harmony and Arranging courses are closely related however the Arranging Package is predominantly the study of the craftsmanship of arranging (for virtually any ensemble) whereas the Harmony Package is the study of the science of music. Understanding the ‘science’ of music will be of enormous benefit in your arranging development (and the development of your ‘aural acuity’, too).

Both the Harmony and Arranging courses include 24 lessons that can be delivered either weekly or fortnightly, depending on how quickly you wish to complete the course. Both delivery choices are designed to give you enough time between each lesson to absorb the content. We wholeheartedly believe learning at a measured and consistent pace guarantees maximum retention of the material. In short, we’ve designed the delivery of the course to maximize the benefits to you.

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  • 24 weekly lessons
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • Perfect for completing at a faster pace



  • 24 fortnightly lessons
  • Duration: 48 weeks
  • Perfect for completing at a relaxed pace