You will be able to say
“My students have Mastered the Foundations of Music.”

  • You will get an inspiring curriculum, by one of Australia’s most respected musicians, and you will see the daily improvement in your students’ results.
  • You will always have what you need to give them the strong foundation to start their musical journey. The least experienced teacher can still give the students the best start.
  • You will have the certainty that ALL the basics are covered without any missing or incorrect knowledge.

So how does it work?

Week 1

You receive a 20 minute video lesson to be shown in class with the balance of the class time discussing and handing out the pre-prepared homework.

The students log in at home (with their own personal log in) easily completing their homework and reinforcing their learning. They can either watch the whole video again or using the tabs just the sections that they require.

Week 2

The class time is spent working on the assignment workbook where the knowledge gained in the previous lesson is applied to reinforce understanding the information not just remembering it. If needed the video or sections of it can be run as often as you wish.

Week 3

The 2nd lesson is available for the class again with all musical examples being played at the same time as they are shown, further developing the students’ aural acuity. Once more there is homework and an assignment provided.

And so on, alternate weeks you receive a lesson, homework and assignment. Every 10 weeks there is a 2-week break to allow for the school holidays, do’t worry if this doesn’t exactly match up with your holiday schedule, you will still have the lessons available, as you need them.

Are these lessons suitable for a school environment?

Absolutely. The lessons have been set up to be delivered once per fortnight during the four school terms, including a two-week break between terms. The whole package can be completed within one school year or over two terms if you choose weekly delivery. Each student also gets an individual log-in access code which enables them to view the videos at any time outside classroom time (and at no extra cost). This is perfect for those situations when a student is unable to attend a particular class. If this happens, the student can view the video of the “missed lesson” at a time that’s convenient to them, including, of course, home time. No more time needs to be set aside by you, the teacher, for “catch up” lessons.

We also supply, for schools only, an additional separate homework sheet. The questions in this additional sheet are designed in such a way that the student can complete them by “circling” the correct answer or inserting the missing word. If they miss a particular question it’s simple enough for them to rerun the video or use the “active Table of Contents” to move to the precise spot in the video needed for revision purposes.

We suggest that the video lessons are run fortnightly with the alternate weeks being “in class” and spent tackling the Assignment worksheets. The Assignment questions are designed to have students “apply” the knowledge gained during a particular video whereas the Homework questions simply require attention to the video. Your most inexperienced music teacher can successfully run the complete Mastering the Foundations of Music package confident in the knowledge that everything is covered. No class/lesson preparation, no marking, no homework to set – it’s all done for you.

What does it cost?

We have a heavily discounted rate for schools only $500 per class (of up to 25 students with each additional student $20). That’s a very low investment of $1 per student per lesson.